Outdoor Countertops

Dekton Outdoor

Unlimited high-performance designs for outdoor countertops

Dekton outdoor countertops are resistant and durable. Innovative surfaces turn into functional and beautiful countertops.

Advantages of Dekton outdoor worktops

High scratch resistance*

Kitchen utensils will not scratch Dekton.


Dekton countertops are highly resistant to stains, making them very easy to clean and maintain.


Dekton's low thermal expansion coefficient ensures high resistance to sudden temperature changes.

Abrasion resistant

Dekton is highly resistant to abrasion. This makes it the perfect choice for heavy-duty work surfaces.

Reduced water absorption

Dekton's non-porous surface prevents the absorption of water and other liquids, making maintenance easy.

Abrasion resistant

Dekton is highly resistant to abrasions making it the perfect material for heavy-duty work surfaces.

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