White zeus

Silestone - Mythology

A white almost immaculate, energetic and timeless. A sure bet to succeed with the decoration of any space.

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Finishes Polished 15X10X0,4

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Finishes Available

More vibrant and intense colors and reflections

Rustic finish ideal for those who love textured materials


1.2 cm
2.0 cm
3.0 cm


120.47 x 55.51 in

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Detailed view of the full slab of White zeus

Why you should choose Silestone White zeus

Silestone is a hybrid surface of minerals and recycled materials which can bring colour and texture to your space. Thanks to its exclusive and innovative HybriQ + technology, maintenance is minimal and high resistance to stains and scratches is guaranteed.

Since its creation, Silestone has set major trends in its market, transforming the world of kitchen countertops becoming a benchmark in interior design. Once again, we evolve.

The benefits of Silestone

High scratch resistance

Daily use and wear will not scratch Silestone.


Its low porosity makes it highly resistant to stains.

High impact resistance

Highly resistant to daily impacts.


Silestone’s low porosity prevents it from being damaged by harsh stains.